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Animal Oasis of the Rockies

Veterinary House Calls

Animal Oasis of the Rockies offers the full range of services of an animal hospital and starting in January 2020, you can get professional veterinary service to your home. Our professional vet can handle your pet's routine exams and basic care needs. For pet owners anywhere in the Broomfield, Colorado, area, contact us at Animal Oasis of the Rockies for a home visit for your pet.


Benefits of Vet House Calls

In-home visits supplement our practice's other services. If you have never experienced this type of care, understand that it offers multiple benefits over bringing your pet into a clinic.

We understand that sometimes your pet may be too sick or too difficult to get to our clinic. Large pets that you cannot get into a carrier or your car are ideal patients for us. If you have multiple pets, that also is a natural situation.

If your pet requires euthanasia, having the procedure done in your home makes both you and your pet more comfortable in its last moments. Our caring vet will help to ease your pet and you through this difficult time.

Sometimes, your pet may have a particular behavior that you need the veterinarian to observe. Pets often act differently in a vet clinic, and with an in-home visit, the vet can see your pet in its most comfortable setting.

With vet house calls, you want a veterinarian with connections to a higher care facility if your pet has a serious condition. Because starting in May 2020, we will also have a fully functioning animal hospital, we can make a referral for your pet to our facility if it needs surgery or diagnostic testing.

Types of Pets We See

We cater to a variety of small pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, and pocket pets. Check out our services page for more information about the pets we serve and the procedures we offer. Give us a call at (720) 608-0548 if you have questions about your particular type of pet.

Communication Is Key

Communication between the veterinarian and the pet parent is crucial. During veterinary house calls, the pet doctor can talk to you in your home while seeing what your pet does. Animal behavior gives many indications to the health of a pet. Through its body movements, your pet will communicate to our vet during the house visit.

Schedule Us for a Visit

To ensure that we have proper timing for all our patients, we use an electronic scheduling system. If you are in Broomfield, fill out our appointment request form to set up your pet's veterinary house calls. Through our house calls and many other services, we offer a full array of options to care for your pet's whole-body health throughout its lifetime. For more information about us or our practice, contact us at Animal Oasis of the Rockies at (720) 608-0548.

Dr. Stacey Huber is the BEST! She has the most calming bedside manner for pets! She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and provides outstanding customer service. We've loved having her as our Vet and wouldn't go anywhere else. 5 stars from our pups Bella and Tessie!

Marsha C.


Dr.Stacey Huber

DVM / Owner

Dr. Stacey Huber has always had a passion for helping animals.  From a very young age, Dr. Stacey knew she wanted to be a Veterinarian and realized her life-long dream after graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine with honors in 2002.  In 2009 Dr. Stacey Huber opened Animal Oasis Veterinary Hospital in Naples, Florida where she combined her passion for providing exceptional care to her patients with business ownership.  

In 2017, Dr. Stacey Huber sold her practice in Naples to head to the mountains.  She currently resides in Broomfield, Colorado with her wife, Andrea, daughter, Hadley, and her fur babies, Macey (Yellow Lab), Tilly (Boston Terrier) and Oscar (Orange Tabby).  When she isn’t working Dr. Stacey loves being on her bike on the trails or spending time with her family on the slopes or road tripping in the RV.  

Dr. Stacey Huber is also a Wildlife Master Volunteer with the Broomfield Wildlife Masters and loves helping the community as much as possible. Dr. Stacey and family love the Broomfield area and are excited to make it their forever home.  Dr. Stacey Huber looks forward to meeting all of you and your fur babies soon!

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